Abloom delivers free flowers to local institutions throughout our community. We aim to enliven spaces, spark feelings of compassion and dignity, and promote a greater connection to nature. Living with beauty inspires us all. 



residential treatment centers 

We deliver flower arrangements to the residents and staff of the Astor Home for Children throughout the growing season. 


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Senior homes, Shelters & food banks

Our recovered event flowers are delivered to local institutions including two senior homes in Rhinebeck, a food pantry in Poughkeepsie and a women's shelter in Kingston.


Floral Design services

We create beautiful floral arrangements for your wedding or special event. You can choose to extend the life of your flowers through our flower recovery program.


Did you know that event flowers are usually thrown out the following day? Lengthen the life of these blooms with our flower recovery program. As part of our floral design service or in collaboration with another farmer florist, we pick up the flowers after your special event & deliver them to someone who needs them. Contact us to learn more.

"These flowers became and are our friends...our comforters..our happiness in sorrow..as the flowers found vases...the pantry opened for the day...as people asked for the most basic of needs...food..their eyes wandered to the yellows and reds and tender colors that fill the heart more than food ever could...and so they were shared with those who came to the pantry...thank you for bringing change to a house that breathes with the blooms." (from a floral recovery recipient, Kingston, NY, 2017)

Abloom is a collaboration between a flower fanatic and flower farmer that began in 2016 with the simple idea that flowers can help support communities. Marla Walker and Marina Michahelles met at Shoving Leopard Farm, where our blooms are grown.

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Get Involved

"Happiness held is the seed. Happiness shared is the flower."       (John Harrigan)

We need your help with harvesting, bouquet making, flower recovery pick-ups and deliveries, fundraising and spreading the word. 

Get a summer flower share at Shoving Leopard Farm's CSA and a portion of your membership fee goes to Abloom!

Donate to our Go Fund Me campaign. 


Spread beauty with flowers! Sign up below and note your interest and availability. Harvesting and arranging are bi-weekly during the summer months. Flower recovery pick-up/deliveries occur Sunday mornings as scheduled. 

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Farmer Florists

We are thrilled that you want to participate in our flower recovery program. Together we can reach even more people! Please fill out the form below and we'll contact you with further details as soon as we can commit to picking up your post event blooms. 

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